iLooks, move using the sun with style. Part 1

I interwieved Fabrizio Chiara, new enterpreneur that, with Ilooks, wants to change the idea of use of photovoltaic panels: from a unaesthetic power bank, to a stylish source of energy for every kind of building, sail and other kind of engineering products. Here he presents himself and his team.

  1. Hi Fabrizio, can you introduce yourself?

Hi Edoardo, I am Fabrizio Chiara, a 36 years old boy from Turin. I’ve been working on non conventional comunication for many years.

  1. From fashion blogging to green tech startup, how is your path?

I born as blogger 4 years ago, when i started, for other reasons, to connect to the fashion world.

I discovered myself as an innovator working with some of my customers about some kind of solutions.

I had to invent a new solution that, originally thought as a fashion accessoire. Time by time,it  we transormed it in a product that works in other contexts. Its technology called custom fotovoltaic, is moreover completely innovative.

  1. We met at Innovits 2 years ago where you was developing and would sell a solar power charger. Now you are selling photovoltaic panels that can be plugged in in different structures, tell me the story of this evolution.

2 years ago,  when we met the accessoire was a wereable battery charger. Its benefit was to supply energy on demand  to charge mobile devices that we use every day.

The reason was the photovoltaic cell completely black. They considered this absolutely unaesthetic and damaging for the brand. Althought this, the product was summarly interesting and nice to see in their opinion.

After these 2 strong stops, we started to think to a solution.

We dedicated 18 months of research and development to find a solution to this problem. At the end we could reach an industrial process. It transforms a black and anaesthetic photovoltaic cell in something nice to see and completely integrable.

We deposited the patient and started a deep analysis of potential market for our product.

This lead us to change it from  the original fashion accessoire to something with a bigger potential market as the phovoltaic panels one.

Now we are working with some companies ( from the fashion market and not) whit whom we think to use our solution for some accessoire.

In few words, we use the R&D done for our product to evolve it in something applicable in many industries fashion included.

  1. What is changed in the meantime in your life (job for example)?

Times are become more and more small. I’m working few on what was my primary acticity until 8 months ago (now is my secondary one).

Nowadays i dedicate 95% of my time resoursces (public and private) on my project Ilooks.

The reason is that the acceleration that brings me but also the other members of my team was really fast. The consequence was that Ilooks absorbs also time that before belong to private life and relax

When we started working we noticed an accelerations and these times were completely absorbed by the job that is increasing very fast.

So the change is more than important. I mean, we don’t have anymore time to do what we would.  We are completely focus and committed on the new project, Ilooks Technologies


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