Interview with Fabrizio Chiara, coowner ILOOKS

Fabrizio speaks about himself, his startup and the startup movement in general

Present yourself

1.    Hi Fabrizio, can you introduce yourself?

2.    From fashion blogging to green tech startup, how is your path?

3.    We met at Innovits 2 years ago where you was developing and would sell a solar power charger, now you are selling photovoltaic panels to use in different structures, tell me the story of this evolution.

4.    Is something changed in the meantime in your life (job for example)?


Present your team

5.    Can you present your team?

6.    Describe us the roles in the team

7.    Do you work fulltime for your startup or you/someone from your team is working also outside it?

8.    Do you think that your team is complete or you are looking for someone else?

Present your product

1.    Which pains does ILOOKS solve and what now help your customer?

2.    You know your market, which are your competitors (which kind of products, names if you can)?

3.    What do ILOOKS product have that is new in the market?

4.    What these products have in common (since the photovoltaic panels)?

5.    One difference is that the power charger was more affordable and the target was middle-end clientele now your target is high-end, why did you decide to change?

6.    PV panels now are so big and somewhere there are large landscapes where we find them, will you replace them with yours (in what you can differentiate) or it is not in your target?

7.    You declared that one of the possible use of your product is in building protected, can you explain how to plug theme where you can move anything (I saw some examples)?

8.    Will you create partnerships with solar window manifacturers or similar?

9.    Are there car in your target?

10. Do you think that photovoltaic cars are a real future product or only an experiment?

Your strategy

1.    You told in recent interview that your strategy will be first  focused on high-spending customer and after, when you will grow, to enlarge your market to lower-income clientele; because of the dramatic cost reduction forecasted (in the New Energy Outlook  Bloomberg forecasts a decrease by 60% within 2040) how will you have a profitable business with so low prices?

2.    Is there the risk that your blue ocean become a red one with many competitors?

3.    Which is your value proposition?

4.    Strenght and weakness to improve?

5.    Where you will focus your investments?

Target market and its behaviour

1.    Which is your target market (people, countries)?

2.    Do you think that renewables and, generally speaking, green technologies will replace the fossil fuel power sources?

3.    3 years ago in a survey by Unione Nazionale dei Consumatori 68% of interviewed declared to be available to pay a car 10% more if it was sustainable, is something changed in your target market?

Overprice payable for a sustainable car

Overprice (%) that consumers are available to pay for a sustainable car.


4.    You told that many different industries showed interest about your products, can you classify them?

5.    What in your opinion will move the mass market to buy green products (with your panels)?

6.    This year the UN Global Compact—Accenture Strategy CEO Study reveals that 80% of the CEO involved believe that demonstrating a commitment to societal purpose is a diff­erentiator in their industry and 85% inglobes sustanaibility issues also if they are not able to measure the financial values of this action, what does it mean for you sustainability for business?



1.    Are solar panels already reliable and cost effective?

2.    How to reconcile reliability and energy production efficiency with design?

3.    I saw that solar panels are becoming (or are going to become) popular and have different kind of use, do you think that the can become like a commodity present in the every day life?

4.    What is the difference between your panels and the other ones?

5.    How does the design influence panels? Is it possible that your panels become less efficient than the other ones in the future?

Startup word

1.    I interviewed Ray Garcia (look here) about the difference between my startupper and entrepreneur, is there anyone in your opinion? Can you describe it?

2.    Which is the role of passion in start a business?

3.    What are you learning in the role of new entrepreneur that you can’t learn somewhere else?

4.    Team, customers, funding and financial resource management are the biggest problems that a startup faces along its life (see here), what do you think about it? Which is your experience?

5.    From your point of view which are the needs of a startup and how they are today satisfied by operators in the market?

6.    How can society support startup development?


1.    We met at Innovits, you didn’t arrive on final, what have you learnt there?

2.    Why did you prefer it to the other?

3.    Pros and Cons of that experience?

4.    If a friend with an idea ask you about Innovits, do you advice it?

Investors and their behaviour

5.    Are you looking for investors?

6.    Are they (if they were) only financial or also technical? Speak about it

7.    Can you tell us the top 5 questions they ask you when you present your startup?

8.    Which is the behaviour of investors about green technology? (IBAN says that business angels invested here 22% of capitals, 4%  on 2014)?


Business angels investment percentages on 2014

Investment (%) made by italian business angels on 2014

9.    In your opinion which is the reason why green tech receives lower investments than ICT?

10.Are you open to equity participations from new investors?

11.Are you an Italian society?

12.Why did you decide to not become LLC or other society structure registered abroad?




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